Here are some terms you might not be familiar with in the surprisingly complicated world of framing.


ArtGlass – Really clear glass, while float glass is very good, ArtGlass is almost invisible. It is often worth paying a bit extra for. Consider it to be like HD glass.

Chevrons – Sample corners, the way mouldings are displayed on the Mouldings page. They are a great way to show how your artwork will look once it has been framed.

Conservation – Conservation mountboard is a higher specification and made to be more stable over a long period of time. The Fine Art Guild state that it should not bleed colour. It is the middle ground between standard ‘whitecore’ board and museum board.

Double mount – A technique used where two sheets of mountboard of different colours are used in order to enhance the framed picture. There are a couple of examples in the previous work section.

Float Glass – Standard glass. It is named after its production method, the molten glass is floated on molten tin in order to get it perfectly flat and smooth. Different from old fashioned rolled glass.

Moulding – The term for the actual picture frame. They come in almost all shapes and sizes. If you are struggling to find one that you like the look of on the site, fear not, just ask me to bring the catalogue and hopefully you can choose one from the thousands on offer.

Mountboard – the card border around the artwork. It serves two important roles, firstly to keep the artwork away from the glass – particularly a problem with photographs sticking to glass. Secondly, it can help enhance the the artwork, different colours will make the image look almost completely different. The mountboard is also the most important factor when it comes to preserving the 

Single mount – This is just a single sheet of mountboard. Keeping things simple can often let the picture speak for itself.

Styrene – A plastic glass equivalent which can be used where safety is a consideration. For example, a child’s bedroom or something that requires posting. It is very hard to tell styrene unless of course you drop a frame and there is no breakage!

Washlines – Lines painted on the mount with watercolour paint to enhance the picture.

V-Groove – This involves two angled cuts pushed together to form a V. It can break up the space in a wide mount and look very pleasing.